21 January 2009

I Have Been Tagged Again

Nancy tagged me to share with you my top four in each of the categories listed:

Outstanding memories of 2008
1 ~ Our beautiful grandbabies--Claire and Jonah--turning one year old and the TWO parties we had for them!
2 ~ Going to Lakeland several times to visit with the grandbabies and their parents!
3 ~ Our first ever family vacation with all of our children and those precious grandbabies.
4 ~ A delightful and wonderful holiday season with our family and friends.

Favorite movies of 2008
1 ~ Eagle Eye
2 ~ The Brave One
3 ~ Mamma Mia
4 ~ Next

Favorite foods of 2008
1 ~ Slap Yo' Mama Chicken Dip
2 ~ Aussie Cheese Fries at Outback
3 ~ Barbecue, potato salad, etc. at Fat Boys
4 ~ Salads from Fanci Free

Favorite places of 2008
1 ~ our home, especially since the sunroom was completed (well--almost completed)
2 ~ the Smoky Mountains
3 ~ Lakeland, FL (because the grandbabies are there!)
4 ~ Prattville (I just love living in this town)

Events of 2008
1 ~ Claire and Jonah turning one
2 ~ the election of our first African-American president
3 ~ Me turning---well, I will not say how old! Let's just say OLD!!!!
4 ~ Allen and I celebrating 42 years of marriage!!

Things I liked in 2008
1 ~ having our sunroom built
2 ~ also, having my Christmas storage room built
3 ~ decorating the sunroom
4 ~ remodeling the foyer

Things I look forward to in 2009
1 ~ going to Lakeland to keep the grandbabies while Tony and Susan are out of town
2 ~ going to my nephew's wedding
3 ~ getting to vacation in and around Wilmington, NC with my two sisters
4 ~ going on another family vacation

So now, I tag YOU! I would love to know if you accept this tag by leaving me a comment so I can visit you and read yours!


Nancy said...

loved reading these!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm noting a reoccurring theme... beautiful grandbabies!! What a wonderful year!