24 December 2008

Christmas Decorations At Our House

I got a new camera and decided to go through the house and practice using it. So there are lots of pics---and I do mean LOTS! Hope it is not too boring.

Do you remember these gold ornaments with our names on them, Nancy? You made them and gave them to us many, many, many years ago when we came to a party at your house. I still love them.


Nancy said...

Oh, makes me miss 204 Spruce :) but not the cleaning, packing up, and upkeep. Can't wait to see your album from this holiday season!! And I mean there should be hundreds of pics, right??!! Did I tell you that Johnny has begun going to your blogs when he's read ours? He'll say 'hey, Nance, Lynne has new stuff on hers'. Too cute :)
Merry Christmas, my dear dear friend, and have a wonderful grandmommy day today!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

Your house is GORGEOUS. I love the stockings... did you order those from Ballard Design?

Nancy said...

I've tagged you! If you don't answer here, then do email them to me :) or maybe you can answer with photographs. Did I tell you both Stacey and Leslie commented on the framed print in my bath - the sepia tone photograph of the Biltmore you took?!!! Go to my blog and get a copy of the questions!