30 June 2008


We had a family vacation this year. Matt, Katie, Allen and I met Tony, Susan, Claire and Jonah in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. We stayed in my uncle's condo and took day trips to various places. One of the places we went to was Dollywood. ( Tony, Susan and the babies did not go--they have been to Disney World so many times, so Dollywood was just not appealing to them. They all went on a train ride in Dillsboro. ) We had a good time there---especially Katie. She got to ride a bunch of rides, including a 'monster ' roller coaster.

25 June 2008

Buena Vista

Construction was begun in 1822 by a foreign man, who was not able to complete the work. It was purchased in 1844 and completed by Capt. William Montgomery. The molding and finishing materials for the house were shipped over from England via oceanliner. English artisans came and worked on putting up the medalions and friezes and cornices, which are more elaborately done in the present double parlor and the dining room. Another notable feature in the 24 ft. spiral staircase. It is made of maghogany base and spirals up to the 3rd floor.

Unfortunately, I was not able to go inside to take any pictures. But as you will see, I took quite a few pics of the outside. The back of the house