25 September 2008

We Are Getting Closer...

We are getting closer to finishing the sunroom! All the crown molding, baseboards, and window trims are done. We have now got to paint them--not looking forward to that! Too much detail work. We also have to put at least one more coat of paint on the walls. And we have to paint the doors and attach the new hardware to the doors. Then we have to have the flooring installed. But like I said--we are getting closer! Yaaaaayyyyyy!

It took me FOREVER to decide on a fan. I looked for weeks until I finally decided on this one. And I am sooooo pleased with it. And I love the fact that we have all the recessed lighting and have them on dimmers.
I chose a mirrored door for the entrance into the living room. I really like how it looks. The door will probably be open into the living room most of the time and it will be nice to see mostly a mirror at those times instead of just a boring door!
The fan looks even nicer in person!
I thought this light fixture coordinated with the fan really good.
I also chose a mirrored door for here. (This door leads into the storage room.) I thought it would open up this small space more.Well, now you can see our progress thus far. Hopefully we will be able to get all this finished before too much longer. I am soooo ready to decorate these rooms and then to use them!


Haley said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! Lookin good!

Tony and Susan said...

so close!!! looks great! can't wait for the finished product (bet you can't, either!)

Michael and Hannah said...

I love that paint color! It's very close to the color we used in our bedroom and in Wesley's room. Such a warm, snuggly color!

Me said...

duh!!!!! I thought I HAD commented on this post!!! I've been coming back to it for days now ha ha hoping to find an update. And all the time, I had NOT commented :/ so sorry, dear one! Here's a comment!!! Now, update us again ;)