31 August 2008

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Haley. I am to come up with 6 random things about myself. Well here goes...

1. Haley said that she is basically shy. Well I am, too. Used to be incredibly shy, but have overcome the 'incredible' part. I put up a good front most of the time, but it is still a struggle.

2. I love to entertain---got it from my parents. They were always having people over for food and talk and games. Right now, I am not able to have people over because we are renovating and adding on to our house. It is such a mess! But when all this is over, I intend to get back into the entertaining full-force!

3. My hair started turning gray when I was just 16 years of age! I used to want to dye it, but my mother would not let me. Then when I got married, Allen did not want me to--he liked it! Now, I just cannot be bothered with dyeing it! I guess you could say that I am just used to it this way. My sisters both dye their hair and think I should, but not gonna do it!

4. I love photography. I have never had any lessons or taken any classes on it, but people think that I have a good eye for it. I know that I have lots of fun with it and would like to do more of it. And who knows, maybe one day I will do that photography book on Prattville like my dear friend Nancy says that I should.

5. Black is my absolutely favorite color. I love to decorate and I use lots of black in my decorating. I even spray paint lots of things black. It is amazing to me how much better a lot of things look when they are black. And I have influenced quite a few friends to spray paint some of their things black. It is also my favorite color for clothes, too.

6. I have lived in several places overseas. I have lived in Turkey--yes, Turkey! I have also lived in Germany two times. I have lived in several places in the states, too. All of the places had their own special qualities. I especially loved Germany and being able to travel to other countries while we lived there. But my favorite place of all to live is here in Prattville. In fact, I have lived here longer than I have lived anywhere else my entire life! It is definitly HOME.

Ok--so now I am supposed to tag 6 other people. Some of these have been tagged in the past, but I figure they can come up with 6 more random things about themselves. I tag the following:

1. Nancy

2. Jenny

3. Stephanie

4. Hannah

5. Julie

6. Jennifer


Nancy Hood said...

that's quite alright :) it always makes me tired when I think of all you do in a weeks time!!!! love you very much, girlfriend!

Tony and Susan said...

YAY! cool stuff! i can't imagine you with any other colored hair! it makes you, you! and black is one of my favorite colors to wear, too! love ya!

Haley said...

my dad started getting gray hair when he was 16 too! For a long time I thought I would get them at an early age..... well, Im 21 and I have been finding them since i was 18..... the first few I plucked out.... but Eric says he loves them.... I should have the pretty shiny silver hair and I think that will be kinda cool.... so I dont pluck them anymore..... funny huh?

oh and entertaining.... I love that too! And i have been able to do more of it in th epast few months since my home is finally coming together!

We have a lot in common! Hope you have a great week!