15 July 2008

We went to Biltmore again!

We went to Biltmore again this year. I really love this place. I tried to take a bunch of different pics from the ones I took last year. Here are a 'few' of my faves.


Three plus Me said...

Looks like you've had a fun filled summer! Your pics look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Biltmore House is really a nice place. I haven't been in years. Our fireworks were majorly rained out this year.
Love you and Nancy H. music. Sometimes I open your blog ajust for the free music. And I have all the baby pictures for my screen savers so when I am working at my desk they are with me.
Time to check all the baby pictures. I expecialy like the Seikman triplets (after "our" babies, of course. And Pioneer Woman.
The other Nancy (Schrull)

Anonymous said...

Guess I really need spell check on these!

Nancy Hood said...

I started to tell you of my favorites, then realized there were too many :) I'm one of your most ardent fans!!! We're supposed to get together, remember?!