19 June 2008

The Tornado

On February 18th of this year, a tornado came through Prattville. We heard the 'proverbial freight train' noise. By the time Allen and I got into our hallway and closed all the doors, it was over! We sustained a good deal of damage in our yard and to one of our cars, but we were more fortunate than a lot of our neighbors who lost everything. Thankfully, this huge tree fell AWAY from the house, as did another large one in the backyard.

Allen's car was heavily damaged--broken windows, shattered glass all over the interior, lots of damage to the outside of the car, and a tree limb blown into the spare tire!!!!
This flag and all the wood blew in from somewhere down the street!
The small urns did not survive--but at least the large ones did.
One of many helicopters that continued to fly over our area for days.
I thought this piece of metal looked so funny in the tree--almost like a bird.
As the sun was setting that night, we thanked God again for sparing our lives and for the relatively little damage we had to our property. The street right behind ours looked like bombs had gone off--it looked just like a war zone! Rebuilding is still going on in our town. It will take quite some time for things to get back to normal.


Nancy Hood said...

still continues to amaze me that no lives were lost~

Michael and Hannah said...

So glad God was taking care of you!!!

Tony & Susan said...

wow! that pic of the limb in the spare tire is crazy!!